After sales service commitment

The company is a special purpose vehicle manufacturing enterprise with independent R & D capability. Over the years, through the unremitting efforts of all employees of the company, a complete industrial chain of design, manufacturing, sales, quality inspection and after-sales service has been formed. After sales service is an important pillar of our company's pre-sales, sales and after-sales links. Especially in recent years, with the continuous improvement of the company's production capacity and the expansion of export trade, the after-sales service system has been improved.

Service system

1、 Service system is an important part of quality management system.

2、 Service guarantee: the company's service is to strictly perform the company's procedure documents and quality manual, and provide guarantee in combination with the requirements of the market and users.

3、 Service tenet: create value professionally and forge the future with integrity!

4、 Service organization: the after-sales service department under the leadership of the sales company, which is responsible for the company's after-sales service and managing the service work of overseas agencies.

Service principle

Under the condition that the user strictly follows the operation manual and operates normally, within one year from the date of purchase (subject to the vehicle factory registration card), the driving mileage shall not exceed 25000km. The damage of product parts caused by design, manufacturing and assembly shall be verified by relevant automobile service stations and supervision departments, Submit written materials to the after-sales service department of our company within three working days, and implement the Three Guarantees service after confirmation by the after-sales service department.

Specific services are as follows:

1. The product quality during the three guarantee service period is mainly guaranteed repair, and the repair fee is free (excluding vulnerable parts and electrical parts).

2. Lifetime warranty. For products that exceed the warranty period and need to replace accessories, only relevant costs will be charged.

3. Free operator training:

(1) our factory will arrange senior engineers to provide on-site guidance to learn theory and practical operation;

(2) master the basic theory, performance and function of special vehicle;

(3) be able to operate skillfully according to procedures;

(4) be able to carry out normal daily maintenance and eliminate general technical faults.

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