1,Talent concept

Talent view: regard talents as an important resource of the enterprise.

Talent concept: attract people with treatment, condense people with emotion and motivate people with career.

Market view: create demand, find demand and meet demand.

2,Service concept

Team view: work together in unity, unite as one.

Service concept: customers are supreme and integrity is unswerving.

3,Management concept

Management view: people oriented, integrity and win-win.

Concept of efficiency: daily affairs are settled day by day, and the day is clear and the day is high.

Time view: time is resources and time is efficiency.

4,Enterprise concept

Enterprise spirit: pioneering and enterprising, realistic and pragmatic; Innovation and change, unity and cooperation.

Corporate style: be honest with customers, trust employees and be responsible for the society.

 Enterprise staffs:Loyal to the enterprise, persistent to the cause and rigorous to the work

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